Police will ensure fans' safety in Poland


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Poland have guaranteed the safety of fans at Euro 2012 and criticised Sol Campbell for telling supporters not to travel to the tournament.

The former England defender made his remarks after BBC Panorama visited Euro 2012 hosts Ukraine and Poland and filmed Nazi salutes on the terraces, black players being taunted with monkey chants, and an assault on a group of Asian students.

But Malgorzata Wozniak, a spokeswoman for the Polish ministry of interior, expressed surprise at the statement and said hundreds of thousands of police would ensure fans' safety.

She said: "The ministry of interior and the Polish security services are ready to ensure the safety of all football fans and players who come to Euro 2012 in Poland.

"The Polish police force has been preparing the security procedures for many years, taking into account various possible scenarios."

She added: "In response to the statement of the former England captain, Sol Campbell, the Polish Government is surprised that the report contains the opinion of one person only and failed to include the views of international security experts."

She said there had been lengthy co-operation between the Polish and British police.

"Liaison officers from the British police are coming to Poland during the tournament to assist and cooperate with the Polish police based on previous exchanges of information and consultation," she said.

Of the 16 teams taking part, 13 including England have opted to stay in Polish cities.

Meanwhile, Football Association chairman David Bernstein is positive there will not be any trouble for England's players or fans at Euro 2012.

The families of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have already indicated they will not make the journey amid fears of racial abuse.

But Bernstein believes as long as supporters take the recommended advice, there is no reason why they cannot have an enjoyable trip.

"People are planning carefully and have had advice and our supporters have from the government about the situation out there," Bernstein told Sky Sports News.

"But hopefully things will go well.

"We're going into this tournament in every way very positively."

Bernstein also revealed he has not briefed the England players on what to do should they suffer racial abuse, saying they will deal with the situation should it arise.

"We'll take things as they come," he added. "We don't stop just start looking for problems - that's easy to to do.

"You get some sensational stuff as well around this.

"We know there are some underlying issues but hopefully it will stay underlying and we won't be faced with these things.

"We have planned very carefully for what might happen but we sincerely hope it won't.