Republic of Ireland striker Kevin Doyle to take frustration out at Euro 2012


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Republic of Ireland striker Kevin Doyle is ready to take out his frustration on Spain, Italy and Croatia as he plots a Euro 2012 shock.

The 28-year-old frontman spent too much of the second half of the last Barclays Premier League season for his liking sitting on the bench as Wolves slipped out of the top flight.

But ever the optimist, he is confident that has left him fit, fresh and raring to go as Ireland prepare for an intensely difficult Group C campaign in Poland and Ukraine.

Doyle said: "I didn't play as much, especially in the second half, as I would have liked, so I will be fresh for it. That's the positive I take out of it.

"I'm confident about my own form, I am feeling good, I am feeling fit and fresh, mentally I am feeling fresh.

"I haven't had as near as tough a second half to the season from a physical point of view as I have had before, to be honest, because I haven't played as many games, which can only be good for me and for Ireland, hopefully, if I play because I am really hungry to do well in the summer."

Doyle admitted that in the past, he has been running on empty at the end of the season, and while the excitement of going to a major tournament would have got the adrenaline flowing anyway, he is convinced his lack of activity in recent months will serve him well.

He said: "In previous seasons when you have played right up to the end, the last thing you want to do - obviously haven't had the experience of going to a championships at the end, it's usually a strange friendly somewhere, and it's hard to keep yourself going.

"Physically, you are a wreck, your body is not able for it and it is tough, whereas for me, it's not the case this season.

"I feel like I would do at the start of the season more so than the end."

Relegation has inevitably led to speculation about where Doyle might be playing his football next season with Reading having already been linked with a move to take him back to the Madejski Stadium.

However, the Wexford-born marksman insists he has had no approach from manager Brian McDermott - the man who as chief scout paved the way for his move to the Royals in the first place - and doubts the wisdom of returning to a former club.

He said: "He was chief scout and brought me over. He came to watch me a number of times in the League of Ireland and I will be forever grateful for that to himself and Steve Coppell.

"I had four brilliant years there. It was enjoyable enough for me and they don't need me to go back there and ruin the success they have had.

"I have honestly not thought about it. As I say, I had four really good years and I don't think personally you should ever go back.

"Everyone says it's never the same - not that I have had the option, by the way. I have not spoken to Brian [about a move], just to wish him all the best."