Roger Federer 'not a fan of Fifa' as fellow Swiss Sepp Blatter stands for re-election

The tennis star is a fan of football - but not of the governing body

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Roger Federer has expressed his view on scandal hit Fifa, saying he is not a fan of the governing body run by his Swiss compatriot Sepp Blatter.

The 33-year-old tennis player, a keen fan of his local team FC Basel, gave his thoughts on the matter after reaching the fourth round of the French Open.

"I am a football fan, a soccer fan, but I'm not a fan of (Fifa)," Federer told reporters.

"I love to watch soccer. You know, when you're a fan, what you want is for things to be done properly in the right way, and it doesn't seem to be the case.

"But, you know, I think it's quite disappointing to see what's happening today. I think it's bad in terms of image. I want to simply be a soccer fan. Nothing else."


Rafael Nadal, whose uncle played for Barcelona and Spain, wants to see anyone found guilty of corruption weeded out.

"If there is some people that are not being honest with the rest of the people, then they don't deserve to be where they are," the Real Madrid supporter said.

"So if that's what happened on that case with some people of Fifa, is great news that these people will not be there again.

"It's important to have the right people at every place."