Sepp Blatter was showered with $600 of real money - with dollar bills given back to Lee Nelson comic

Simon Brodkin has been charged with trespassing after Fifa stunt - but he was given back the cash he threw over the Fifa president

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Sepp Blatter was showered with real dollar bills during this week's stunt at Fifa headquarters, comic Simon Brodkin has revealed.

The comedian, best known for playing characters Lee Nelson and Jason Bent, evaded security at a Fifa press conference in Zurich on Monday. Brodkin then staged a stunt which saw him throw a wad of money over the beleaguered Fifa president.

Brodkin was charged by Swiss authorities with trespassing before being released to return to the UK.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Brodkin revealed that the money used for the stunt was real, with $600 being thrown over Blatter 'to secure the World Cup in North Korea in 2026'.

"If you're going to do it, you do it properly. The Fifa guys couldn't believe it," said Brodkin.

"In the end it cost me nothing because they gave it all back. I can assure you there might be corruption in Fifa, but the Swiss police are corruption-free.

"They gave back every penny. 'Here you go, sir.'"



Brodkin said he is taking the charges against him seriously.

"Am I worried? I know I've been charged and I don't know if I can say too much.

"I can say that it would be the greatest irony of all if I was the first person to go to prison over events in Fifa HQ."