Serey Die: Midfielder in tears ahead of Ivory Coast's defeat to Colombia... but his dad did not die just before World Cup game

Rumours abound that the midfielder's dad ahead of 2-1 defeat

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Ivory Coast midfielder Serey Die was inconsolable during the team line-ups as Ivory Coast prepared to play Colombia in Brasilia.

The FC Basel man went viral after rumours surfaced on social media that the player's dad had dies just two hours before kick-off.

Several media outlets reported the story, giving it further traction.

However, after the defeat Die confirmed that his dad had died in 2004 and it was the "excitement" of playing in the World Cup that reduced him to tears.

Posting a message to his Instagram account, Die said: "Hello, I just want to say that it’s wrong what they all say, that I was moved because of my dad, but he died in 2004 and it was just the excitement of being in a World Cup and serving my country, Ivory Coast.

"I never thought one day I would be at this level of competition."

Die was at fault for Juan Quintero's second goal, eventually the difference between the two teams, and posted an apology.

"Sorry for my mistake, I apologize for having disappointed you. I’ll come out on top. God bless you – finished."