S.Korean cinemas see 3D opportunity in World Cup

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Multiplex cinemas will broadcast South Korea's World Cup matches live in 3D to lure fans away from their televisions at home, an official said Tuesday.

Major chains like CGV, Lotte Cinema and MegaBox plan to show the matches in three dimensions, especially those involving the South Korean squad, on around 100 screens nationwide, according to Yonhap news agency.

They have signed deals with SBS, the Seoul-based broadcaster that has the exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament in Korea, Yonhap said.

"People don't come to theatres when there's a Korean match," CGV marketing official Park Hye-Young told Yonhap. "So we decided to show the matches on our screens that are best for watching sporting events."

Going to the movies for a football match is nothing new for South Koreans, who watched games in theatres for free in 2002, when South Korea co-hosted the tournament with Japan and advanced to the semi-finals.

This time, however, they will have to pay.

"The audience will get a unique experience through the surround sound and quality screening," said Lee Jung-A of MegaBox's marketing team.

South Korea play Greece on June 12, Argentina on June 17 and Nigeria on June 23 in the group stages.