Sven explains that he is full of passion. For football

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The Swede was speaking on BBC1's Football Focus programme, where he looked humbled by the shock defeat at the hands of Northern Ireland in Belfast last Wednesday.

He has been under fire for the tactics he has used in recent games and criticised for failing to motivate the £210m-worth of football stars who line up for England.

In the interview, however, he retorted: "I can motivate my players. Just because I am not shouting, it has nothing to do with motivation or passion.

"I am desperate when we are losing but I am not shouting. I want England to play in the World Cup and I am putting my reputation on it.

"If I do not go to the World Cup I will not have a job in this country and elsewhere. I can understand the criticism. We lost to [Northern] Ireland. If England do not qualify maybe I should not be here. But England will qualify, I'm sure of it."

Asked if he would resign immediately, the Swede insisted: "Absolutely not, no chance. We have one foot in the World Cup. We have two games to go and if we win both we are in the World Cup. Why should I resign?

"Things went wrong on Wednesday, especially in the second half. The manager's job is to try to get it right. I will talk to the players before we come together again and we will get it right."

Despite the mounting criticism over his midfield formation, the England manager rejected claims he had it made mistakes.

"I don't think the formation was the problem. Something happened out there but we couldn't get it right. We lost spirit, Northern Ireland beat us and we have to accept that. It is up to me and we have to get it right before we meet up for the October games."

Lawrie Sanchez, the Northern Ireland manager, defended Eriksson, adding: "The first person everyone looks at is the manager. I am hailed as a great manager because of what we've achieved in the last two matches but that can change. For people to talk about changing the England manager in the qualification period is ridiculous. It's the first game he has lost and they will qualify."