The Highlight Reel: It's an ill wind...

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Doctors in Johannesburg are claiming that the blasted vuvuzelas are a major hygiene hazard, spreading germs that infect other fans. Have they been leant on by organisers desperate to ban the horns?

Sock it to 'em, Nick

The Arsenal frontman Nicklas Bendtner is responsible for one of the weirdest bits of footage yet from South Africa. During Denmark's defeat by Japan, he leans over to colour in the white of his socks with felt tip. His reason? An unauthorised message was being picked up by cameras.

Mystic mollusc

Paul, a two-year-old born in England but raised in Germany, is an oracle. He's reliable too, predicting Germany's wins over Australia and Ghana, and their loss to Serbia. He predicted 80 per cent of German results at Euro 2008 correctly. So it bodes ill for England fans that Paul chose Germany to win tomorrow's game. Paul, by the way, is an octopus. He lives at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen.