Weirdest World Cup promotion yet? England football legends immortalised in bizarre Brazil nut carvings

David Beckham, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascgoine and Wayne Rooney have had their likenesses carved out of Brazil nuts

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Every four years there is a rush as companies scrabble around to find their own World Cup tie-in, and this competition has been no exception.

However for every big-budget football boot or beer company ad, there's always something else, ranging from the tenuous to the downright bizarre.

This latest World Cup promotion certainly falls into the latter category as Dave, the TV channel beloved by self-styled 'bantersauruses' and procrastinating students alike, has for some reason commissioned five Brazil nuts to be carved into likenesses of England football stars, past and present.

'Micro-artist' Quentin Devine chose Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer  and Wayne Rooney as his muses before setting out on the painstaking process of carving the nuts.

He worked his way through over 50 nuts, each one taking on average 96 hours to carve.

Carving Gary Lineker's ears apparently proved "a tough nut to crack", the large surface area requiring 20 attempts to perfect, but eventually the works were complete.

The finished nuts


Despite the strangeness of the promotion, the final product is in itself a fairly impressive feat, particularly considering the surface area of each nut is smaller than a five pence piece.

While the fee he received for his efforts is unknown, given the amount of work put in by the artist, let's just hope he wasn't paid peanuts.