Wilkinson targets Flynn for England

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First a Swede, now a Welshman. England hope to recruit Brian Flynn to become part of Sven Goran Eriksson's support team.

The Football Association is speaking to the former international midfielder about becoming a coach in the national youth set-up. Flynn has been out of work since ending a long spell as Wrexham's manager last month, and turned down the chance to go Oldham Athletic last week.

Flynn is a passionate Welshman, but his coaching skills and reputation – he picked up plaudits bringing through useful youngsters at Wrexham – have made him a wanted man for the FA's coaching talent-spotter, Howard Wilkinson.

The Leeds manager, David O'Leary, has accused South African officials of putting Lucas Radebe's career in jeopardy by refusing to accept the club's medical advice.

Radebe has yet to appear for Leeds this season as he struggles to recover from a recurring knee injury, a problem O'Leary believes was compounded by South Africa continuing to select him when injured.

"I'd love a few more footballers like Lucas, but until the South Africa Football Association get their act together my chairman won't take one," O'Leary said. "It's all very well finding players like Lucas, but it's not much good to Leeds when they go missing so often."

O'Leary said that the South African FA had twice ignored medical reports the club sent them regarding Radebe's fitness. "Two years ago we sent a medical report to South Africa about his knee, but he kept getting called up," he said. The same happened 12 months ago, when Leeds received a further report on Radebe's injury.

"It was an independent doctor, not one of ours that examined Lucas, and he said his knee couldn't take much more. We sent that report to South Africa, but still they called him up. His career is in the balance. That's why I bought Rio Ferdinand a year ago," O'Leary said.