World Cup 2014: Will you 'second screen' the next England game?

VIDEO: With more and more of us looking at a mobile or tablet while simultaneously watching the television, one app aims to enhance your football knowledge as you multi-task during the World Cup

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As absorbing as the 2014 World Cup has been so far (exempting the Nigeria v Iran affair), there are no doubt some among even the most football-obsessed who have glanced down at their phone during a match, maybe even sent a tweet or two, and perhaps even missed a goal thanks to the distraction of their smartphone.

This habit of using your phone or tablet while also watching the television is known as "second screening."

For those obsessed by both the world's greatest sporting tournament and their phone equally, football app Squawka may be just the tonic for the next few weeks.

The app offers users real-time data on the football you are watching, providing up-to-date statistics that can help you win or lose an argument on a range of topics such as whether the Italians really are master at passing accuracy or whether Rooney does play better alone up front.

For the team at Squawka, this app is about making the distraction of your smartphone aid your interaction with those around you as you watch the 2014 World Cup.

"We're really trying to make data accessible to normal football fans," said Squawka CEO Sanjit Atwal. "It's really about helping them win their arguments and understand more."

The verdict from those using the app seemed to be pretty positive, with one user telling London Live: “It obviously complements it quite well, even though you do miss a couple of goals.”

According to data from GlobalWebIndex, the majority of people under the age of 35 use a laptop while watching TV, and their research states that people will be reading the news, chatting with friends or searching for products to buy while watching the TV.