World Cup 2014: Carlos Quieroz quits as Iran manager labelling relationship a 'one-sided marriage'

Former Manchester United coach leaves following World Cup exit

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Iran manager Carlos Queiroz has stepped down from his position following the country's World Cup exit, labelling his relationship with the Iranian FA a 'one-sided marriage'.

"I didn't I receive any single concrete or attractive proposal to stay on over the last 11 months," he told reporters after his side lost their last Group F match 3-1 to Bosnia to miss out on a first appearance in the knockout stages.

"As you can imagine I feel very proud and it's an honour to work for Iran. I will always keep the country and the players in my heart.

"I fell in love with them (the players). But you can't have a marriage when only one person wants to stay married and unfortunately it's not the people on Facebook who make the decision," he added after Iranian reporters told him social media was awash with demands he stay on.

"After going through the 11 months without hearing anything, I have been forced to make a decision.

"I have just come here to say thank you to all who have supported me and given me this opportunity to work for Iran."


Queiroz added a bit of drama to the announcement by deflecting any questions about his future until the end of his press conference, instead focusing on his team's performance in their final match, before then revealing his intention to quit.