World Cup 2014 countdown: Bobby Moore vs Jairzinho in 1970

Counting down the 100 greatest moments in the history of the World Cup

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The World Cup in Brazil is coming into view and everyone is hoping this summer's carnival can take its place among some of the great tournaments of the past.

That won't be easy though, as this series will testify. In the run-up to the tournament, we're counting down the 100 greatest World Cup moments.

Check out our latest instalment below, and for any you missed, see the gallery at the end of the article.

Bobby Moore vs Jairzinho

England's group stage clash with Brazil at the 1970 World Cup has gone down as one of the finest ever matches.

Although the score was only 1-0, it was a match packed with incidences and football of the highest calibre. Gordon Banks' save in the same match will also feature in this countdown, but here we remember Bobby Moore's challenge on Jairzinho.

The moment saw England's World Cup winning hero pitting his wits against one of the finest footballers to ever walk the planet.

Brazil made a quick break and Jairzinho picked the ball up on the half way line before proceeding to run at incredible pace towards Moore. But England's captain was unfazed.

He tracked the Brazilian all the way and as the two moved into the box, Moore made his move. His challenge was so precise and clean, the ball stayed where it was, Jairzinho went flying, and Moore stood up and passed the ball calmly out of defence. It was defending at its most beautiful.