World Cup 2014 Diary: How ‘warm’ 1966 Beckenbauer shirt paid off for Derby policeman

A look at the things you may have missed

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Croatia’s players, already upset at the dubious refereeing in their opening game defeat to Brazil, have let something else get under their skin. They are now refusing to talk to reporters after photos were published of them bathing nude in the team’s swimming pool.

Details of how a former bobby from Derbyshire got Franz Beckenbauer’s’ No 4 shirt from the 1966 World Cup finals have emerged at an auction house in the region. Charged with keeping fans at bay outside the Peveril of the Peak Hotel in Asbourne where the German team were staying, Sergeant Walter Turner was rewarded for his diligence when the team left for London before the final. Turning the offer of hard cash down, Sgt Turner instead asked Beckenbauer for his shirt. “The team had just returned from a victorious meeting with the Russians, and I was handed a white shirt still warm and damp with sweat,“ he said. A shrewd move – the shirt is now estimated to sell for £5,000 at the auction.

One El of a mistake

This week’s ‘general ignorance’ award goes to Aussie newlyweds Orin and Melissa van Lingen, who embarked on a cross-country flight headed for what they believed was Salvador, Brazil, for last Friday’s Netherlands v Spain match.

Instead, the hapless couple stepped off the plane in… El Salvador after their travel agent “made an error”. That’s El Salvador which sees some of the highest murder rates in the world.

Ochoa’s ‘six-fingered’ saves

Mexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa had an outstanding game against Brazil. Some, though, thought his ability to keep the ball out the back of the net was so inspired, it must be down to some freak of nature – such as an extra digit on his right hand for instance (below).

Sadly, the truth as ever, was not so exciting, rather a photoshop cock-up which continued to do the rounds and will probably keep doing so until he has a statue erected in his home town.