World Cup 2014: England fans attacked in Sao Paulo as hooded gang leave 10 people in hospital following fire cracker attack

15 people have been arrested by Brazilian police following the incident which occurred in the build-up to England's 2-1 defeat to Italy

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15 people have been arrested after an attack on England fans in Brazil left 10 people in hospital at a bar in Sao Paulo near Fifa’s Fan Fest, where a fire cracker was thrown at them before England’s disappointing 2-1 defeat to Uruguay.

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Brazilian police have confirmed that they arrested 15 people following the attack outside two bars on the Avenida Sao Joao. It happened at around 1.30pm local time, two-and-a-half hours before England’s crucial Group D clash with the Uruguayans began.

Police have said that all those arrested were Brazilian, and they were seen wearing hoods and dark clothing when they allegedly threw a bomb towards fans standing outside the Guanabara Bar and the Planeta Fruta snack bar. Other reports claim that petrol bombs and mortars were used in the attack.

They also reported that they seized six rockets, a set of brass knuckles, a dagger, a mouth guard and fireworks from the group, who were seen to hurl mortars at the fans before ripping up the St George’s Cross flags that the England fans had in support of Roy Hodgson’s side.


Owner of the Planeta Fruta snack bar Reginaldo Pereira said that the attacks are a common thing whenever the city hosts a big event, and they don’t get much bigger than the Fifa World Cup.

“It was very fast,” said Pereira. “They rushed into the area trying to hit everyone, breaking things up and throwing bombs.

“Every time we have big events this happens. Everybody ran inside the bar when things kicked off.”

A Northern Ireland fan named only as Dallas was at the scene of the attack when it took place and managed to take photographs on his phone, claiming that he wasn’t scared as he was used to seeing bombs in his homeland.

“The guys jumped on a bus to try to escape, and then the police went after them,” said Dallas.

“I'm from Northern Ireland, we have bombs there too. So these things don’t scare me.”

Police chief Joao Prado Romao later told Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo: “They had come very well prepared.”

He also said that no-one was injured in the attack.

A spokesman for British police officers based in Brazil for the World Cup said no British nationals had been injured.