World Cup 2014 final - Germany vs Argentina: Messi ignores Alejandro Sabella's extra-time team talk

Argentina skipper walked off halfway with Sabella still speaking

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Lionel Messi appeared to walk off and ignore Alejandro Sabella's team talk just before the start of extra-time in the World Cup final.

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Sabella was giving an impassioned speech to his players after they had battled to a tight 0-0 draw with Germany in the Maracana.

But the Argentina skipper appeared to ignore Sabella's instruction and sulk off on his own half-tway through the manager's speech.

Sabella is set to step down from the Argentina job after the game.

Earlier in the night, Messi continued his strange ritual of vomiting during the match. Bent over double, the forward vomited in the centre circle during the first half.

The Barcelona No 10 has previously been tested to see what is causing it, but no problem has been found.


He has previously said it is just something that happens to him and is not a cause for concern.