World Cup 2014: Final referee Nicola Rizzoli sorts out his hair after seeing himself on the big screen in the Maracana

Italian official runs a hand through his hair after spotting himself

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Knowing that a billion people were watching him like a hawk, Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli felt the need to look his best.

During the opening exchanges of Germany's extra-time win over Argentina the man in the middle caught a glimpse of himself on the big screen in the Maracana and did not like what he saw.

Just six minutes after kick-off Rizzoli, who is also an architect, Rizzoli quickly adjusted his hair after seeing himself on the big screen.

Rizzoli had faced accusations that he favoured Lionel Messi earlier in the tournamnet after officiating Argentina in their wins against Nigeria and Belgium.

The 42-year-old was accused by Belgium manager Marc Wilmots of "never giving a foul against Argentina".

After the quarter-final defeat, Wilmots said: "I don't want to be a cry baby, but I noticed the referee never gives fouls against Argentina.

"Every time something happens with Messi the referee gives him a free-kick.

"I notice he [Messi] made three fouls and no yellow card, we made one foul and one yellow card."

Rizzoli was largely praised for his officiating during the showpiece game, though Manuel Neuer and Sergio Aguero were both lucky to get away with strong challenges.

Gonzalo Higuain was clattered by the German goalkeeper, sparking reminders of Harald Schumacher, while Aguero left Bastian Schweinsteiger with a bloody face after he collided with the German midfielder.