World Cup 2014: ITV and Adrian Chiles forced to broadcast behind reinforced glass

Anti-World Cup protesters cracked the window during the opening match

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ITV bosses have been forced to install security glass at their World Cup studio in Rio de Janeiro after the window was cracked by rock-throwing protesters.

The studio, which overlooks the Copacabana beach, was pelted with a shower of rocks during the opening match on Thursday, when the station broadcast Brazil's 3-1 victory over Croatia.

Some 300 demonstrators protested during that match, causing the damage to the studios.

ITV's anchorman, Adrian Chiles, joked that he wanted to keep the cracked glass on show.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Chiles said: "The studio is built over the road so they had to block it all off. We wanted to keep it but they told us the sun might cause it to change shape and cause splinters to shear off so it would be dangerous. They’ve got a reinforced one now to be extra safe."


The BBC have endured similar greviances. Gary Lineker and his BBC co-hosts received extra protection from riot police during their broadcast of England v Italy on Saturday.