World Cup 2014: James and the giant... grasshopper? Insect hitches ride with Colombia star Rodriguez during quarter-final defeat to Brazil

The insect latched onto the playmaker during the quarter-final and proved to be a lucky charm as Rodriguez tucked away his penalty

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James Rodriguez may have felt the pressure of Colombia's hopes on his shoulders last night, but he certainly didn't feel the presence of a certain insect on his arm.

The Monaco playmaker salvaged some pride for his country, scoring his sixth goal from the penalty spot but could not stop Colombia from heading out of the World Cup after a 2-1 loss to Brazil.

But as he stepped up to take the penalty, Rodriguez appeared to be totally unaware that a large green insect - most likely a grasshopper - had taken a keen interest in being part of the action at the Maracana.

The grasshopper spots it's landing target as Rodriguez strides forward

Images show the abnormally large insect flying through the air while Rodriguez is on the ball - and appears again on the 22-year-old's arm as he stepped up to take his penalty.

The grasshopper then hitches a ride just in time to help Rodriguez slide home his penalty


Nobody, not even the likes of Neymar or Rodriguez's team-mates, recognised the brave attempts of the creature to be involved, and only on social media did the grasshopper jump to fame.

Rodriguez even posted a message - accompanied by a picture on Twitter - thanking the Colombia fans, still seemingly unaware of the creature that had landed on his arm.

He said: "I can only say THANK YOU COLOMBIA," the Real Madrid target said.