World Cup 2014: Mauricio Pinilla's crossbar-inspired tattoo was bad... but who has the worst ink in Brazil?

The 10 worst tattoos at the World Cup... but who takes the crown?

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Beneath the vibrancy and carnival of the Brazilian World Cup lies a perplexing, inexplicable and often hidden enigma that has at times has left the whole world asking “why?”

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This is not the organisational issues that led to incomplete stadiums or the widespread social discontent at the competition’s expenses. It is of course the mystery of the footballer’s tattoo.

A wise man once said that "the body is a temple" and, as a direct result of this ideological concept, many high-profile World Cup stars have made their bodies a pictorial shrine to themselves, their families and, in the case of Holland’s Wesley Sneijder, the late Michael Jackson.

In light of the latest World Cup body-art shocker, Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla getting an image of his own crossbar-hitting shot that cost his country the game against Brazil etched onto his back, we look at the ten worst World Cup tattoos catching the eye in Rio for all the wrong reasons.

Some tattoos are impressive, but you would find many among this lot.