Neymar 'investigated for wrong underwear choice' in World Cup games by Fifa

Brazilian striker was seen wearing boxers made by non-Fifa sponsors in World Cup game against Cameroon

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Brazilian superstar Neymar is reportedly being investigated for wearing non-Fifa approved underwear in World Cup games.

On Monday, the Barcelona striker was spotted wearing a pair of Blue Man boxers featuring Brazil's yellow and green flag against Cameroon. The only problem? Blue Man isn't a Fifa World Cup sponsor.

According to Brazilian media reports, Neymar, 22, is now being investigated for his choice of underwear with Fifa claiming that it violates its disciplinary code, which prohibits players from displaying religious or political messages as well as publicity slogans and non-FIFA sanctioned products.

But this isn't the first time his fashion choices land Brazil's wonder boy in hot water.

Earlier this year, Neymar, who has 11 sponsors and his own clothing line, came under fire following a similar incident after he showed his Lupo Underwear boxers five times during a Barcelona match against Atlético de Madrid.

neymar2.jpgHis agent later denied the stunt was part of a marketing strategy orchestrated by Lupo, of which Neymar serves as a spokesperson and has modelled for since 2011, insisting that his reaction was "spontaneous".

Fifa did not return The Independent's request for comment.