World Cup 2014: Unbelievable! Former footballer Chris Kamara catches street robber in Brazil

The former Swindon, Bradford and Luton star catches an alleged thief on the streets of Brazil after chasing him down the road

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Ex-footballer Chris Kamara may have played his final game for Bradford nearly 20 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his turn of pace – there wasn’t much to lose in the first place – after he posted pictures of a thief being arrested that he chased down himself.

Kamara is currently in Brazil for the World Cup, where he has been posting regular updates of his travels that have proven much more entertaining than England’s displays in the group stages.

The former Swindon, Brentford and Luton Town player who could cover both defence and midfield chased down a thief to stop him from escaping the scene of the crime, and police quickly arrested the suspect, much to Kamara’s delight.

Posting on his Twitter account, Kamara wrote: “Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though.”

He added: “My good deed has back fired I have to go to the police station now to make a statement.


Kamara posted a further picture of the alleged thief, in which he said: “Still waiting after my prize catch.”

“Giving my statement now, ‘well I ran after him & caught him’.”

The 56-year-old Sky Sports pundit posted a picture of himself jogging on the Copacabana beach, and the practice has obviously done him a world of good.

Since his retirement, Kamara has become somewhat of a cult figure among football fans for his light-hearted commentary on Sky Sports’ weekend coverage, where he has been caught out a number of times live on air to provide viewers with memorable moments of laughter.

Watch some of his best moments below…


Despite his turn of pace, Kamara is unlikely to be snapped up on a free transfer anytime soon.