World Cup 2014 - Video: Excitable dog is the best football fan in the world

It's been a great World Cup so far in Brazil, but no one has enjoyed it quite as much as Georges the dog

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This World Cup officially has it all. Public unrest, plenty of goals and animals who can successfully predict the outcome of World Cup games. And now, we have Georges.

Georges is a dog. A dog that likes watching football.

According to his owner, he just loves any World Cup action and "doesn't care who wins or loses, as long as he can watch them play."

While the rest of the world were struggling to stay awake during Argentina's 2-1 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, which kicked off at 11pm, Georges was jumping hysterically up and down about the prospect of an Argentinian goal kick.

It's been an entertaining World Cup by all means, with 44 goals from just 14 World Cup matches - an average rate of 3.15 goals per game. In fact, the first goalless draw of the tournament only came on Monday night when Iran drew with Nigeria.

It was a painful game to watch, but the chances are that this jovial canine may have even enjoyed watching it.


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