World Cup 2014: What the papers say...around the world

How they see it...

O Globo, Brazil

Neymar enjoyed a debut that neither Pele nor Ronaldo  had. Not even Pele, Garrincha, Zico, Romario or Ronaldo managed to score in their  first game on football’s  biggest stage.

Jutarnji List, Croatia

With a rather peculiar interpretation of the rules by Japanese referee Nishimura, Croatia was deprived of the right to fight against Brazil on an equal footing. [He] pierced Croatia’s heart with a sword.

Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy

The team left for Manaus from the airport at Santa Cruz. On the runway to the World Cup, they have already taken off – destination Manaus. “Hell” is a word much in fashion with the Azzurri bandwagon when one talks of the conditions for the match between England and Italy. With dodgy turf, humidity a little less than 100%, temperatures above 30 degrees and the risk of illness for constitutions less used to this climate or those who have not been vaccinated.

L’Equipe, France

If the French succeed against Honduras, Loïc Rémy could find fertile ground in the spaces in the back of the defence. If he remains on the bench, he says will not jeopardise the unity of the group formed by Didier Deschamps.