Daniel Sturridge World Cup 2014: Why does he do THAT dance when he scores?

What's behind the England man's celebration?

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For some footballers, the goal celebration becomes synonymous with the player - Roger Milla had his wiggle, Bebeto his cradle and Daniel Sturridge has his dance.

As Sturridge has continued to find the back of the net this season, so the world has been 'treated' to the repeated sight of his celebratory dance - delighting or infuriating in equal measure depending on club allegiance.

But what is the reason behind the dance, last seen when the Liverpool forward scored his first World Cup goal in England's opening game with Italy?

The man himself explains: 

"It was an inside joke initially with my cousins and my brother and they said do it as a celebration for a bit of banter," says Sturridge.

"Then I did it and it kind of carried on from there because we thought it was so funny.


"It got to the point where if I didn't do it, the fans were starting to say why didn't you do the dance as a celebration?

"Since then it's kind of been one of those things. It's just a little bit of fun and I don't take myself too seriously so I just have a bit of fun with it."

So there you have it. If that's an example of the hilarious 'banter' that Sturridge and his brother have then they sound like a barrel of laughs to hang out with.