Kuwait defender scores the worst own goal of the season - video

Mohammad Al Azmi hide your head in shame

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Kuwait defender Mohammad Al Azmi must have been glad that the ground was empty for his team’s Asian Cup clash against Riffa after he was responsible for one of the most calamitous own goals of the season so far.

With the game finely poised at 1-1, Al Azmi saw his attempt to clear the ball behind for a corner go horribly wrong when it flew off of his shin and into the net, despite the wrong-footed keeper’s best attempts to stop it.

The Kuwait SC player can be seen sinking to the ground, which he probably wished would have just swallowed him up, following the goal.

Sympathetic players are then seen trying to comfort the defender as he comes to terms with the number of times the video will be shared across social media sites. It was not all bad for Al Azmi though.

Despite Al Azmi ‘s embarrassing own-goal causing his side to lose 2-1, it did not have too much of an effect on his Kuwait SC team, as the three-time Asian champions had already qualified for the knockout stages.