Fifa presidential election: How will the 209 Associations elect either Sepp Blatter or Prince Ali bin al-Hussein as the next president of world football?

The next Fifa president will be decided by a vote later today

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Sepp Blatter will attempt to win a fifth term as Fifa president today when he goes up against Prince Ali bin al-Hussein in the election at the Fifa Congress in Zurich, despite the on-going investigation into alleged long-term corruption within the world governing body.

14 current and former Fifa members have been arrested on corruption charges as part of a dual investigation by the United States’ FBI and Swiss prosecutors, and face extradition to the US to answer the charges.

However, despite the crisis facing Blatter and his organisation, the Fifa presidency election is still due to go ahead at their headquarters in Zurich.

Here’s how the vote will work:

  • The two candidates, Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, will address the Member Associates at the Fifa Congress.
  • Each one of the 209 associations should be able to vote, although some can be disqualified from voting due to reasons such as not playing in Fifa-sanctioned competitions.
  • An outright winner will be declared in the first round if either man secures two-thirds of the eligible vote, meaning they need 139 of the 209 votes to win.
  • If there is no winner a second round of voting will see the winner declared by whoever gets the most votes.


The result is expected to be announced from 5pm today.