Accidental Partridge: TalkSport's Sam Matterface drops textbook Alan-ism on-air

Back of the net.

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TalkSport commentator Sam Matterface has served up perhaps the finest 'Accidental Partridge' yet, coming up with a nosediving simile that would make Alan proud.

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The presenter, whose very surname sounds like something straight out of Knowing Me Knowing You, had this to say of a missed shot from Andi Weimann:

"It's about as weak as a glass of orange squash which is 52 parts water and half a part........squash."

The audio clip was picked up by the Accidental Partridge Twitter account, which has amassed 144,000 followers charting utterances that could easily have come out of the mouth of the Radio Norwich DJ.

Classic examples include Chris Evans' "Maybe the best ham sandwich I've ever had, and I've had some absolute corkers," and fellow DJ Mike Parry's "Great news that Agnetha from ABBA is making a come-back. Fantastic. World's most beautiful woman ever. Easily a top contender as the FMP."

Commenting on his Accidental Partridge, Matterface wrote on Twitter: "Oh dear."