Agents' group demands apology by Gordon

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The Association of Football Agents has demanded that Colin Gordon, the agent who claimed on Wednesday that "tens of millions of pounds has gone out of the game" in corrupt deals, should retract his comments and apologise.

The AFA represents 80 of the 289 agents in England registered with Fifa, the world governing body, but not Gordon, and its members are "considering their position" following what they consider "potentially defamatory" remarks from the man whose clients include England's manager, Steve McClaren, and Arsenal's England striker Theo Walcott.

Gordon claimed that "bung-taking" is rife in the game and is a "very sophisticated business". He also said: "I can't argue with the public seeing us [agents] as the scum of the earth."

A statement from the AFA read: "The Association and its members consider the statements made by Mr Gordon to be not only reckless and inappropriate but also potentially defamatory. They will be contacting Mr Gordon to seek a retraction and an apology."

The Lord Stevens inquiry into alleged bungs, launched by the Premier League, is due to report to the League's chairmen on Monday.

Paul Fletcher, a partner in IPS Law, which acts for numerous Premiership players, said: "Given Mr Gordon's high-profile client base, he could be required by the Football Association to substantiate the allegations he has made. If he has no evidence, he may find himself subject to further enquiries by the FA."