Assault victim issues damages claim against Barton

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Joey Barton is being sued by a second victim of his violence. Last week solicitors for Jamie Tandy, 23, said he was suing Barton for allegedly wrecking his playing career by stubbing a lit cigar in his face.

Tandy was a trainee with Manchester City at the time when Barton attacked him during the 2004 Christmas party. Tandy claims he suffered a "major psychiatric deterioration".

Yesterday, the courts confirmed that Barton has been served with a claim from Jordan Spencer and will next be dealt with on 7 November at Liverpool County Court. Barton, 25, attacked Spencer, then aged 16, in the early hours of 27 December 2007 outside a Liverpool city centre McDonald's.

The player, who admitted the offence and later admitted another attack on his former colleague Ousmane Dabo, was jailed for six months for the assault. Last month he was released after serving 74 days in jail. He is currently serving a suspended sentence for the training ground altercation with Dabo, 31, who is now playing with Lazio in Italy.

As part of his punishment, Barton was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to Mr Spencer, whose teeth were smashed in the attack. But the 17-year-old felt the sum was insufficient and lodged the new claim. It is thought his legal team will argue that he was seriously affected by the ordeal.