Brazil star Neymar says football is getting 'really boring' after getting sent off for fighting

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Santos forward Neymar was sent after yesterday for tit-for-tat kicks, dives and face stroking in his side's 3-1 league defeat to Ponte Preta.

Regarded as the best player of his generation, the 21-year-old became involved in a row with opposition defender Arthur just before half-time.

After players from both sides got involved, players were sent off. They didn't, though, leave the field until they had remonstrated at length with the linesman.

after the game, Neymar told reporters: "I don't know what happened. We were challenging for the ball, I got kicked and was sent off."

"Neither of us should have been sent off. Football is getting really boring, for the players, supporters and television viewers."

Santos coach Muricy Ramalho said that the forward had to get used to being provoked.

"He needs to keep out of trouble," said Ramalho. "Without Neymar, we lose his speed, which is our main attacking weapon. We really suffer when he gets sent off."