Brazilian referee has to run away from furious Figueirense players after they blame him for late defeat to Internacional

Marielson Alves Silva sent off five players in ill-tempered match

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A Brazilian referee had to run away from irate players as a game between Figueirense and Internacional descended into farce.

Internacional won the Serie A game 2-1 but Figueirense (in black and white) were furious with Marielson Alves Silva after they were left with just eight players on the field and then conceded goals in the 87th and 95th minutes.

In a bad tempered game, Internacional also had two players sent off.

Pablo opened the scoring for Figueirense, who were playing at home, before Franca was sent off. Rafael Moura equalised for Internacional but Alan Ruschel was sent off a minute later.

Thiago Heleno, Nirley and Wellington Paulista were all sent off in injury time as players clashed over the Wellington Silva winner.

In the ensuing chaos, Silva ran away from a group of players who had been attempting to push and shove him and towards a group of riot police who kept players from him.


By winning the game, Internacional secured third place in Serie A and a berth in next season's Copa Libertadores, the South American equivalent of the Champions League.