Brent Griffiths sent off in Australian testimonial for last ditch tackle on a bottle of BBQ sauce

VIDEO: Bizarre scenes in testimonial for John Hutchinson

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It's easily the strangest red card we've ever seen.

Rules seem to be out of the window for the the testimonial match for Central Coast Mariners legend John Hutchinson.

After just 62minutes the score was already 11-4 and there were about 15 players on each team, including two mascots.

Suddenly one of the mascots, a rogue bottle of BBQ saucee found himself through on goal and with a chance to score.

No way.

Defender Brent Griffiths was having none of it, hacking down the sauce just outside the area.

As he was last man the referee had no choice but to send Griffiths off.

Start the video at around 1hr 46mins:

He must prefer ketchup.