Can you tell a Drogba from a Rooney or a Fabregas?

A host of Premier League footballers have drawn self-portraits for a charity auction – so can you tell who's who?
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Who would have thought footballers could reveal so much about themselves with a few quick strokes of a felt-tip pen? Artistry on the pitch is one thing, but when our sportsmen compose a self-portrait on a piece of paper, they apparently open a window into their souls – even if their work of art closely resembles a doodled stick man.

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A host of Premier League players and managers, including Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney, have immortalised themselves in felt-tip pen for a one-off book to be auctioned for the charity Nordoff Robbins.

According to the graphologist Emma Bache, who was asked to interpret the pieces by the Premier League, you can tell a lot from the way a man draws.

One prominent goal-scorer, for instance, has been likened to a "sensual Picasso" for using a red pen to draw his lips. Another, who placed a question mark over his head, is "a thinker and an intellectual".

The pictures at the top of the page have been drawn by five prominent footballing stars. Can you link the footballer to their own self-portrait?

To help you, here's what Ms Bache has to say about each artist's work.

First up is our sensual Picasso. "Looking at his picture, it has a very large head and prominent eyes and mouth," she says. "He has used a blue pen for his eyes and a red pen for his mouth, the latter suggesting a sensuality. He looks directly at the reader, which says he's got nothing to hide, there's honesty here. He's a forward-thinker, an analyser who wants to know what's what in everything."

The next picture, penned by a Spanish-born player, shows him celebrating after doing what he does best – scoring a goal. "He is reiterating he knows exactly what he wants out of life and he's determined to get it," we are told.

Next in line is the thinking man's player: "His picture has a question mark over his head, which could indicate he's a thinker and an intellectual. He's drawn lots of curly hair and very strong angles to his face, giving the perception of someone who is determined."

Move along and the next portrait, by a well-known striker playing for a London team, has been drawn by "someone who wants to make an impression" on other people. "He is a big extrovert, a larger-than-life character," explains Ms Bache. "His large drawing is both comical and sensual in the way he's using the pen to fill out the hair and mouth."

And as for our last character, this striker is all about manliness: "The drawing looks as if he's got one leg longer than the other, but it mirrors his signature, so even in his drawing he can't stand still, he's moving forward and is optimistic. As for the stubble, it impresses upon others how masculine he is."