Charlie Hebdo: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger 'shocked' by Paris terrorist attack

Wenger took time before his usual pre-match press conference to speak out on the attacks in Paris that have shocked the world

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has expressed his shock at the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris that has rocked the world.

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Heavily armed police forces continue to hunt down the men responsible for the 12 deaths in the French capital on Wednesday when armed gunmen attacked the magazine's office, in what has become the biggest counter-terrorism operation in recent French history.

Despite living in the United Kingdom for over 18 years, Wenger still has his homeland close to his heart, and he took a moment of his pre-match press conference ahead of this weekend’s Premier League clash with Stoke to give his opinion on the shocking scenes across the channel.

"It's [a] dreadful and terrible situation,” said Wenger. “Shocking. The whole country is shocked.

"To think, in a country like France, you can die for your ideas or how you want to speak, is absolutely shocking."

While he was obviously disgusted with this week’s events in Paris, he did acknowledge how the country has been “united” in condemnation against the attacks, which have continued into a major situation as police attempt to search for the two brothers believed to be responsible for the original attack.

"France is a country with a big history of free speech. At the moment, the whole country is united."

Police officers gather in an industrial area where the suspects are reportedly

The latest reports indicated that there is one unconfirmed hostage in the print works building were the suspects are currently located. Police have established a "ring of steel" around the building and the French Interior Minister has confirmed that a major operation is underway to capture the two suspects.