Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho welcomes back journalist after his recovery from cancer

Mourinho took the time to shake hands with ITV reporter Rags Martel before his press conference on Friday morning

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Jose Mourinho has taken many names over the years; The Special One, The Happy One, The Transparent One. But it seems the most suitable during Friday’s pre-match press conference ahead of the Premier League visit of Manchester United is The Compassionate One.

The Chelsea manager briefly paused to get out of his seat and welcome back ITV journalist Rags Martel back to the press room. Martel has recently recovered from cancer, and it was his first press conference with the Portuguese.

Mourinho was about to start his usual Friday morning exerts when his face lit up with delight at the sight of Martel staring back at him, and he quickly made his way over to shake hands with the reporter while asking him if everything was “all good?”

“All good,” replied Martels, before adding “it’s good to see you back” in reference to Mourinho’s return to the club in the summer.

Watch the video below:

(Courtesy of Instagram/Ragsmartel)