Chinese goalkeeper concedes bizarre goal... off the pitch to have a drink of water

VIDEO: Quick free-kick catches Sui Weijie out

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In one of the more bizarre goals we have seen this season, Liaoning Whowin earned a 1-1 draw with Chongqing Lifan after a little bit of help from the referee.

The visitors, Chongqing, were 1-0 up in the Chinese Super League clash when Liaoning won a free-kick right on the edge of the penalty area.

Usually a free-kick indicates a bit of a break in play, of course, as the defending team line up a wall and the attacking team deliberate over who will take the set-piece.

Chongqing goalkeeper Sui Weijie even believed he had time to step off the pitch and have a drink - he was wrong.

The referee allowed Liaoning to take the free-kick straight away, without blowing his whistle, and all Ding Haifeng had to do was roll the ball into a completely empty net, with Wuijie looking in the opposite direction.