City protest at 'sexist' snub to female executive


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Manchester City will make an official complaint to Notts County today after their director of communications, Vicky Kloss, claimed she was manhandled from the players' tunnel by club stewards and told that women were not allowed to be there.

Ms Kloss was making her way to the City dressing room to bring manager Roberto Mancini for post-match interviews when a group of stewards barred her access. City's media relations manager Simon Heggie had been allowed access. Ironically, the incident took place beneath an advertising sign for a local bar, Hooters, which is staffed by scantily clad women.

County are remembered for barring the then Birmingham City managing director Karren Brady from their boardroom under Derek Pavis's chairmanship a number of years ago, though they insisted last night that this was not a sexist incident.

"It's got nothing to do with her being a woman. She was trying to gain access to an area where she shouldn't have been," a spokesman said. "It's our ground and our rules. We won't stand for any sexism at this football club but this is about club policy. If she has a complaint we will encourage her to make it known to us and we will investigate."