'Cocaine, Bacardi and short skirts' - Andy van der Meyde's warning to Royston Drenthe about moving to Everton

Former Everton player warned his countryman about the temptations on offer on Merseyside

Infamous former Everton player Andy van der Meyde warned his Dutch compatriot Royston Drenthe about joining the club, according to the Dutch press.

News site HP De Tijd have revealed that Van der Meyde, whose time at the club was an abject failure due to spiralling off-field problems, begged Drenthe not to move to Everton because of the potentially damaging temptations on offer in Liverpool.

HP De Tijd report that Van der left Drenthe an impassioned voicemail in August 2011 before his fellow Dutchman moved on loan to Everton.

He said: “Royston, I hear that you are on your way to Everton. Don’t do it boy, I beg you, don’t do it.

“Liverpool has too many temptations for guys like us. Before you know it you will be dragged into the nightclubs.

“There Bacardi flows and you can ski on cocaine; and the women, Royston. Oh man, oh man, oh man. Those British women with their short skirts…”

Drenthe did join the Toffees on loan shortly after but lasted only 11 months and having been released in the summer by Real Madrid, he was without a club until the beginning of this month when he joined FC Alania Vladikavkaz in Russia.