Crewe report approach for teenager

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Crewe have reported an unnamed Premier League club to the Football Association for an alleged illegal approach for one of its young players.

Director of football Dario Gradi revealed the Coca-Cola League Two club had complained in the wake of Fifa's decision to ban Chelsea from signing any players until January 2011.

"We have a situation where one of our 15-year-old's has been approached," said Gradi, who was Crewe manager between 1983 and 2007 and brought players such as David Platt, Danny Murphy, Seth Johnson, Robbie Savage and Dean Ashton through the ranks at Gresty Road during his time in charge.

"He is an outstanding player by any standards and he has come in and told us that he wants to leave right now to join a big club.

"The big clubs are stealing other people's players and you worry financially for the clubs where the players are stolen from.

"What sort of compensation are we going to get for all the work that has gone into developing him? Any compensation is insignificant for the effort that gone in."

Gradi, 68, has given his support to Fifa's decision to place a transfer embargo on Chelsea after they were found guilty of inducing 18-year-old French midfielder Gael Kakuta to break his contract with Lens in 2007.

Chelsea have confirmed they will launch the "strongest possible appeal" to the ruling.

Barclays Premier League champions Manchester United could also face an investigation after it emerged that another French club, Le Havre, are going to ask Fifa to look into Paul Pogba's move to Old Trafford last month.

Gradi added: "I'm delighted with what has happened with Chelsea. I would hope all the big clubs are frightened to death. There is no excuse for breaking the rules.

"We lost a 12-year-old to Everton. He was our best 12-year-old. The lure is that the bigger clubs pay big expenses.

"This kid will be getting several hundred pounds a week in expenses. We pay expenses but nothing like that. It's more a case of giving out £20 if someone can pick a kid up en-route.

"It is so hard to protect your players. All this goes against the morality of the game - it's the rich robbing the poor. At least Fifa have given the smaller clubs hope."