Cristiano Ronaldo makes unexpected appearance in Grand Theft Auto V

Video appears showing Real Madrid star wandering around San Andreas

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It's the video game crossover you never knew you wanted but now seems like a gaping hole in the market.

For those who have ever wished they knew what it was like to wander around in Grand Theft Auto V with one of football's biggest stars, their very niche dreams have now become a reality.

No longer does the world have to imagine how Cristiano Ronaldo would behave on the streets of San Andreas, now there is an amusing video of the Real Madrid man enjoying a busy day out in the game.

Ronaldo can be found scaring locals with his goal celebration and Ballon D'Or winning shout as well as doing tricks or more traditional GTA pastimes like carjacking and visiting strip clubs.

You can watch the video below:


Let's hope by the time the next version of GTA comes out, this is an optional extra.