David Beckham surprises hard working family with seven iPhones and $100,000 to leave mother 'an emotional wreck'

Former England captain was taking part in Ryan Seacrest's new TV show, Knock Knock Live

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Having David Beckham turn up at your house would be enough of a surprise for most people.

But when Golden Balls knocked on the Gonzalo family's front door, he came bearing gifts that would change their lives.

Beckham was taking part in Ryan Seacrest's new TV show, Knock Knock Live, which sees celebrities surprise deserving people by loading them with presents.

All filmed live, Becks introduced himself by saying: "I'm David", to which he was quickly told "We know who you are!".

Beckham then dished out seven iPhones to the star-struck family and things got even better when he told them they wouldn't have to pay their phone bills for 10 years.

But the Gonzalos really lost it when Beckham presented a cheque for $100,000.

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Before a kick-about in the back yard, Beckham explained why why he was there: "One of the main reasons why I'm here is I was told about your family and I was very honoured to come down here and to be welcomed into your home and actually meet you one-on-one."

The father of the family had been a professional footballer in Mexico but gave it up to take on a job that could better support his family.

Claudia, the mother of the family, said: "I'm an emotional wreck".