Environmental Arsenal let the plane take the strain on a 15-minute flight to Norwich


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The 'Environment and Regeneration' page on Arsenal's website may boast about the club's use of waterless urinals and biodegradable plastic bags in the club's retail stores, but the Gunners have found themselves in globally warmed waters this week with the news that the team flew to Norwich for their 1-0 defeat on Saturday.

The reason for the 15-minute flight was explained by a lack of working train services from Liverpool Street to East Anglia (their usual route) and a few hours in Friday-evening traffic on the A11 was deemed a bit too much for Olivier Giroud and co, the poor lambs.

For Arsenal to have flown, business-class, their matchday squad of 18 players, plus at least 12 coaching staff and officials, would have produced around 1.8 tonnes of carbon. A coach journey would have produced a mere 5.18kg.

In Arsenal's defence, as a club in one of the few UK city's to have a comprehensive public transport system, most of their supporters use public transport to get to the Emirates stadium. Those weekly 60,000 car rides must cut them a little carbon-emitting slack.