Euro 2012 Diary: Football is a religion; Ferreting around; Olsson blows whistle on refereeing

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Football is a religion

The Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Dziwisz, has claimed Przemyslaw Tyton was assisted by a divine force for his dramatic penalty save against Greece on Friday. "Luckily the heavens supported our team," he said. If God smiles on the hosts against Russia tomorrow, they may record their first win of the tournament, and Cardinal Dziwisz says they will need "not only strength and valour, but maybe divine providence" for the Group A match.

Ferreting around

Fred the Ferret is becoming the star of the gripping psychic sideshow after predicting wins for Denmark and Germany. But he does have stiff competition from fellow mystics Funtik the Pig and Citta the Elephant.

Olsson blows whistle on refereeing

Sweden left-back Martin Olsson has tried his hand at a spot of punditry ahead of today's game against Ukraine by criticising some of the officiating so far at the tournament as "unbelievable". His card may now be marked by officials, although it might have been easier for him to pass the blame had identical twin brother Marcus been called up.