Ever wondered what Gervinho does on his day off?

Is this what is meant by a 'cultured left foot'?

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While he wasn't much of a warrior in his Arsenal days, it appears since his move to Roma that Gervinho has turned over a new leaf.

The winger, enjoying a day off in Rome, clearly went out seeking some inspiration as he prepares for this season's Serie A battle.

Gervinho, pictured on his own Instagram feed in the shadow of the Coliseum, can be seen embracing a man dressed as a not particularly historically accurate Roman soldier.

The Ivorian nevertheless looked particularly pleased with himself, and had he not lived in the city for two years you might imagine this was the first time he'd visited the historic site.

Then again he might have been aiming to go the Coliseum for years only to find he kept missing his target.

You can see the photo in all its glory below:


However perhaps the best thing about the photo is that despite it containing a man essentially in fancy dress, Gervinho still manages to wear the strangest item of clothing... a hat with his own name on it.