FA wants changes to loans and work permits


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The Football Association chairman, Greg Dyke, will outline plans for far-reaching changes to the loan system and the award of work permits for overseas footballers playing in England, as well as a new "fifth division" of Premier League B teams.

Dyke presented the recommendations of his FA Commission – which is looking into the declining numbers of English players in the professional game – to the FA board today and it gave him the go-ahead to make the report public.

The first conclusion of the report is that there should be action to address the declining numbers of English players in the Premier League, and the impact that could have on both the England team and grass-roots football. Dyke will say it is crucial that the number of English players in the Premier League is increased.

The B team league will be the most radical proposal put forward to help clubs develop their own talent. However, there will also be a move to tighten up overseas players' work permits and the loan system.

Dyke will also propose that the relationship between Premier League clubs and partner lower-league clubs – such as the one between Chelsea and Aldershot, or Tottenham and Swindon – is formalised.