Fan throws burger at goalkeeper during football match, goalkeeper eats it

Juan Olave took a bite out of the bap-based nosh during a top-flight match in Argentina

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Goalkeepers are known for being an eccentric bunch, but when Juan Olave took a bite out of a burger that had been flung in his direction, the stopper took things to new extremes.

The bap-based treat was lobbed at Olave during a top-flight match in Argentina at the Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón on Sunday.

But rather than take offence at the grub being lobbed in his direction, Olave saw it as an opportunity for a nibble. The 39-year-old bent down and picked up the burger with his goalkeeper glove and took a small bite. With a gesture of thanks to the supporters behind the goal from where the food had originated, he took another little bite before placing what remained of the pickings down beside his goal.


Whilst burgers are not the most nutritional of foods, it didn't appear to do Olave any harm, with the Belgrano goalkeeper keeping a clean-sheet in the 0-0 draw with Racing Club.