Fan who travelled 7,000 miles and waited 30-years to see Everton gets to meet players after game is cancelled at last moment

Weather conditions saw the Premier League game against Crystal Palace postponed just one hour before kick-off

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Any match that is cancelled at late notice is a pain for fans.

But imagine having travelled 7,000 miles for the match and the anti-climax having expected to see your beloved team play in the flesh for the first time after 30-years of support.

That's what happened to Ric Wee who had come from Malaysia to see the Toffees play at Goodison Park last night, only for adverse weather conditions causing the match against Crystal Palace to be cancelled just an hour before it was due to kick-off.

Before the game was postponed, an excited Mr Wee tweeted: "Finally, 30 years since supporting Everton, will b watching EFC 'live' for 1st time."

However, he was soon back on Twitter to post this: "Sadly Everton v Palace match called off due to bad weather. Dream to watch EFC play will continue to be on hold."

With Mr Wee expecting to have to wait a bit longer to see his heroes, Everton had other ideas.

After learning of Mr Wee's trip and consequent disappointment,  Everton staff located him and his friend in the ground before introducing him to Toffees players including Leighton Baines as well as manager Roberto Martinez in the Goodison dressing room.


Everton have also said that Mr Wee will receive a full guided tour of Goodison Park today before he returns to Malaysia.

"Today Everton just prove again that it's the People's Club taking extra effort to connect with fans. Salute the people running the club." tweeted Mr Wee.