Fans: Cut showpiece ticket prices

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The head of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) last night urged the Uefa president Michel Platini to "deliver on his promise" to make the Champions' League final affordable to grass-roots fans when it returns to Wembley in two years' time.

Although last month's Manchester United-Barcelona showdown was regarded as the best-organised final to date, the cheapest tickets on general sale were priced at £150 plus a £26 administration fee. Two years previously when the same teams played in Rome, the most expensive ticket was around £125.

Platini has already apologised for the Wembley pricing but did not mention this when announcing last week that the final would be returning to the national stadium to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association, fuelling suggestions that Uefa were simply cashing in on the most financially successful final to date.

"Apologising is rare for someone running European football but we will expect Michel Platini to deliver on both his promise to lower prices in 2013 and his apology," the FSF chairman Malcolm Clarke told the Independent on Sunday. "We are talking very substantially less than this year's final."