Father beaten in front of his children by Portuguese police after Benfica's league title win against Guimaraes

The children's grandfather was also punched twice by police as he attempted to intervene

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This is the moment a father was beaten by Portuguese police in front of his two young sons as they walked back from watching their football team win the Portuguese League Championship in Guimaraes.

The incident also saw the boys’ elderly grandfather punched twice as he tried to protect the man.

In the incident, which was captured on film, the father, Jose Magalhaes, along with his two young sons and their grandfather can be seen walking together after leaving early from the ground that saw Benfica draw 0-0 with Guimaraes to secure them the Portuguese league titles for the second year in a row. The video shows the group being stopped by police and after what seems to be a civil conversation, one of the officers attack Magalhaes jumping on him and grabbing him by the neck.

The grandfather tries to intervene but he is hit twice in the face by the officer.


The two children are held back as their father is tackled to the ground and beaten multiple times with the officer’s baton.

Stunned yystanders can be seen watching on as the father’s clearly distressed nine-year-old son is held by police. Magalhaes is eventually put in handcuffs and taken away by the officers.

The footage quickly went viral after the weekend causing shock across the social media sites.

This prompted the release of a statement by the police that said that Magalhaes had spat at a police and shown "disobedience towards authority".

An investigation is currently being carried out by the district prosecutor and the country's interior ministry looking into whether the police officers abused their power.